Thursday, September 4, 2008

Blog Award...

I feel bad cuz I haven't gotten on it and done this yet. But to be honest I so hate linking! But anyway. Dear Sheryl nominated me, and then Kristy did too for this little blog award! I'm nominating some of my fav blogs. So if you see this then put this little, "I love your blog" award on yours and nominate 7 other blogs you love, make sure to link (ugh!) those that you nominate and that nominated you (that's me!)

I nominate:

1. My Dad (cuz he's cool)

2. My Friend Tiffany (cuz I love how she shares pics on her blog)

3. Bryan's Cousin-in-law Trena (cuz I love that she always has pics and sentimental things on her blog)

4. My awesome sister Michelle (cuz she's funny and I love her.)

5. Tracey's Video Blog (cuz it always makes me cry, for good reasons. I love it.)

6. Ok I know she'll never see this but the Cake Wreck Blog (HI-larious!!!!)

7. And Dawn (cuz I just adore her scrap style!)


Vicki said...

You so deserve this award! I would have made it 3 til I saw that you and Kristy already got it from Sheryl! I had to go searching!

daEnces said...

Umm I don't think I know how to link in a post, but I will try....

Mer said...

So...I saw your great layouts at the fair...way to go, girl! I saw some ribbons with them! :)