Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Addition!

After not posting for 2 years I have decided to try to blog again! Bryan and I are really excited to announce a new addition to our family and I don't even have to change the name of my blog. My life is still going to be Life with Guys! Baby boy #3 will join our family near January 5th 2012. I was a little sad we were not going to be able to go buy all the fun pink stuff but I know we'll love this little guy more than anything! Here he is so far!


Dan said...

im so happy to see someone blogging again. it is much better than FB
keep it coming.

Jill said...

I have four boys ranging from 4 to 12. They bring so much joy to my life. They take care of their mama and I get to be the queen of my own little castle. Congrats on adding another boy to your brood.

Jess said...

I'm so happy and excited for you! I want a boy! But the most important thing (as we both know all too well) is that they are healthy! YEAH!