Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ten things I love about being a Mommy

I know that as life gets busy how much we tend to take things for granted. I was looking at these pictures I made Bryan took and thought, Wow I'm so blessed so this is my post tribute to my beautiful blessings that make my days worthwhile.

I love being a mom because:

1. No one needs you more than the kids (even when you wish they'd leave you alone.)
2. Looking in their eyes makes Heaven seem so much closer
3. Funny things they say
4. Loves and kisses
5. Special things that only mom can do
6. Knowing that no matter what you will always be their mom and NO ONE can ever take that place.
7. Fun gifts (I've loved all my mother's day gifts so far)
8. The realization that you have a bigger heart than you thought you did, and that it has enough love to hold your children.
9. Hearing them say something you had said and realizing that even though we don't think they do they actually hear us.
10. Unconditional love and eager forgiveness.
So these aren't in any special order just some things I pondered today. I love my boys so much and the wonderful man who is their father that gave me the gift of becoming a mother.

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Dan said...

It is so good to see you with that big smile on your face. And if you think all those things are true about being a mom, just wait until you become a grandparent, then you can say it all again.
Thanks I love you