Monday, September 10, 2007

The Whole Fam Damily

On Saturday Sept 8, we went up to Ophir, to hang out with Bryan's incredibly large extended family for the Fail annual reunion. Ophir eh? What? Yeah that's what I said, but it's this little town just past Stockton, which is just past Tooele. They family had rented the entire Ophir Park for the weekend. We only made it up there for Saturday because I just didn't want to go camping with a 3 week old. We had a lot of fun though and like always it's nice to see the family, even if it is 100 people! (though this year it was much smaller).

Quinton loved riding in the "train" around the park the most and Wendy was nice enough to tote those kids around and around about 1000 times. (Quinton said I'll remember Wendy because it's like the Wendy's place, except her hair is different.)

Saturday night we all had to make these "horses" to go to dinner and have a fun little rodeo roundup. Bryan won the prize for the most original "horse," being that it was a sea horse.

We are glad we made it up there for the day and look forward to more fun with the family next year.

A big thanks to Elena and her family for being in charge this year and making it so fun. It was nice to have all the fun stuff for the kids especially.

And enjoy the photos!


Chris said...

Looks like you all had fun! Funny, as there is a small town called Ophir right near where I grew up in California!!

sher said...

Oh I am sad! I did have to miss the reunion this year. It was "Peach Days" here in Brigham City and I had a fair booth that weekend. I had already paid for it and everything. I had to work it both Friday and Saturday. But it sure looks like a nice place to have the runion. Maybe next year we will have it there again. I guess we will see you all again at the Christmas party! Happy Fall until then! Love ya!

Holly said...

It was a fun reunion. Aunt Elena's family did a great job in making it fun for everyone, especially the children. My children loved every minute of it!

Jodi said...

It was so nice seeing you and Bry, & the Kids are so cute, Quinton and the Baby. Anyways it was fun laughing with everyone.