Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jana needs an outlet!

Hey Family and Friends
Welcome to my new official, I promise I will keep it up, blog! This blog is intended to keep things happy in my every day life. I will not tolerate negativity here...got it?!
I want to keep everyone updated on our little life. Bryan may post from time to time. But check here for pics of the boys, news on our little family, and an uplifting thought of the day. Love you all and thanks for your support


bettyrae said...

I love reading your blogs! And I love the pictures you post.
Keep it up
I love you

Sarebear said...

woohoo! At first, i thought . . . Jana needs an outlet . . . yeah, she needs the baby to come out! (full term, of course). Lol.

Putting you in my blog reader. woohoo!

Dan said...

Glad to see you back. Love to read your thoughts, so keep it clean.